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🌁Portal Bridge

Treasure Portal's Bridge allows for the transfer of MAGIC tokens between Sepolia and Treasure Ruby testnet. Connect wallets and bridge assets with ease.

What is the Bridge?

The Bridge allows you to seamlessly transfer assets between different chains – specifically, from Sepolia to the Treasure Ruby testnet chain, and vice versa, utilizing MAGIC tokens.


  • Have sufficient MAGIC tokens for transfer on the Sepolia network.

  • Your wallet should be connected to the Sepolia chain. This can be done directly through the wallet interface or by using the "Switch to Sepolia" feature on the Treasure Portal.

Bridging Assets:

  1. Connect Your Wallet:

    • Click "Connect Wallet" on the top right of the Treasure Portal.

    • Follow the prompt to link your MetaMask or another supported wallet.

  1. Transfer Tokens:

  • Go to the "Bridge" via the sidebar.

  • Enter the amount of MAGIC you want to transfer in the 'Amount' field.

  • Transfers may take some time; your transaction will be in a 'pending' state until complete.

  1. Successful Bridging:

  • Confirm the transfer in the 'Recent Transactions' section.

  • If a transfer fails, a site-wide alert will notify you.

  1. Swapping Transfer Directions:

  • Click "Reverse direction" to switch which chain you're transferring to or from.

Verifying Your Transaction:

  1. Transaction List:

    • Look for your transaction in the "Recent Transactions" to confirm its completion.

  2. Block Explorer:

    • Use the testnet block explorer to verify transaction details with the transaction hash.

  3. Wallet Summary:

    • Your wallet's HUD or main menu will display the updated balance of testnet MAGIC tokens.

Remember, the Bridge is vital for utilizing the testnet MAGIC tokens, which hold no real-world value and are strictly for testing within the Treasure ecosystem.

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