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A new points system to explore the Treasure Chain and Portal!

With the launch of Treasure Ruby, weโ€™ve dropped new accompanying quests and a points system called โ€œShardsโ€ that can be collected on the road to the full Treasure Chain launch.

Shards are separate from Gems, and will be used to inform future rewards and incentives for early adopters of the chain. Earn Shards by participating in a series of quests on the Portal to discover the Treasure Chain and its features! New quests will be added in upcoming weeks and throughout testnet.


How do you earn Shards?

Shards are rewarded upon the completion of quests within the Treasure Portal, each designed to introduce and engage users with the testnet's features.

How are Shards different from Gems?

Shards symbolize your contribution and activity within the Treasure testnet. They will play a pivotal role in shaping the incentives and rewards for early adopters.

Unlike Gems, Shards will not be able to be spent or used to redeem for Treasure Chests.

Can I redeem Shards for anything?

No, Shards will not be able to be redeemed. They will be used to inform future incentives and rewards. More details to come!

How long will Shards be around for?

Shards will persist throughout the Treasure testnet on the road to launching the Treasure Chain mainnet. They will not be able to be earned shortly around the time of the Treasure mainnet launch.

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