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🔮Treasure Portal

Welcome to the Treasure Portal, your entry point to discover the Treasure Chain throughout various testnet versions and, eventually, mainnet.

Here’s a quick guide to get you started:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Begin by linking your Ethereum-compatible wallet to access all of Treasure Portal's features.

  2. Collect Testnet MAGIC: Use the Faucet to receive MAGIC tokens on the testnet, essential for transactions and testing within the portal.

  3. Bridge Assets: Seamlessly transfer MAGIC tokens between networks with our intuitive Bridge tool, allowing you to move assets for testing purposes.

  4. Mint NFTs: Explore the minting feature to create or acquire unique NFTs on our platform, showcasing your assets.

  5. Explore Quests: Complete testnet quests that guide you through the platform's functionality and reward you with Shards for your participation.

  6. Check Transactions: Keep an eye on your activity through the Transactions section, ensuring all your actions are successfully executed.

Use this link to dive into the Treasure Portal and start your adventure today—explore, play, and contribute to the ever-evolving gaming ecosystem.

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