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Last updated on November 10, 2023.

The Treasure Community Grants Program aims to provide incentives to reward community contributors who are working to strengthen and improve the broader Treasure ecosystem through means outside of building games. This includes creating public goods, more tooling and infrastructure, providing data and analytics solutions, supporting education and growth initiatives, and more.

750k MAGIC has been earmarked for the program's first year to fund the completion of bounties by community contributors.

High-Level Process

  1. Submit the grant request on the Treasure Dework board

  2. Community Grants Council members review submitted RFPs to provide thoughtful feedback based on the assessment framework

  3. Once the RFP is approved and listed on the public Dework board, the community and RFP submitter can submit their interest to claim the RFP to be worked on.

  4. Community Grants Council members will review the indications of interest to determine the capabilities of the team and accept the submitter (individual or team) to claim the RFP in order to begin working on it (the ”RFP Assignee”).

  5. The RFP Assignee will provide updates to the Community Grants Council members who are responsible for assessing the completion of the RFP against the acceptance criteria indicated.

  6. Community Grants Council members will transfer the grant amount to the RFP Assignee upon the completion of the RFP or based on achieved milestones as discussed and mutually agreed upon.

RFP Submission Process

RFPs can be submitted via Dework by (1) the TreasureDAO Council; and (2) the Community Grants Council members and community at-large.

Council RFPs

  • RFPs originated by TreasureDAO will automatically be approved and posted to main board on the Treasure bounty board on Dework, ready for the community to claim it and/or discuss the bounty publicly.

  • The grant amount will be automatically approved for inclusion on the public listing (but may be further discussed).

Community RFPs

  • RFPs submitted by the broader community will be initially be added the “Community Suggestions” section of the Treasure bounty board on Dework and can be discussed or voted upon.

  • In order for a community-originated RFP to be approved and moved over to the main board:

    • at least two Community Grants Council members must be made aware of the proposal and approve its contents;

    • the proposal must be live for at least two days;

    • the proposal must receive at least five posts from different community members to ensure sufficient engagement; and

    • it must receive at least 20 upvotes by the Treasure community.

  • The bounty amount will be subject to approval by the TreasureDAO council.

Grantable Initiatives

Current Key Priorities

As of January 18, 2023, the following are key priorities for TreasureDAO:

  • Building NFT bridges

  • Creating educational resources and guides to onboard new users and builders to Treasure

  • Initiatives to engage and attract new users, players, contributors, and builders into the Treasure ecosystem

  • Attracting new game studios and game developers to build on Treasure

  • Analytics dashboards and solutions (e.g. Dune dashboards and queries, piping on- and off-chain data, active wallets, users, DAO financials, liquidity, player and game leaderboards, etc.)

  • Tooling for guilds to better facilitate onboarding, organization, and social coordination

  • Permissionless Bridge for the original Treasures SFT collection on L1

RFP Categories

  • Infrastructure & Tooling: Develop key tooling, UI, dashboards, and more to expand the infrastructure stack and equip game builders with everything they need to build on top of the Treasure.

  • Education - Guides, Content, and Resources: Build how-to guides or launch new educational initiatives to drive the growth and reach of Treasure.

  • Creative - Art, Storytelling & World-building: Expand upon and visualize the Treasure ecosystem through its lore, storytelling, and art.

  • Localization: Translate Treasure websites, resources, game guides, and more to make Treasure more accessible to the non-English speaking world.

  • Other: Other tasks and RFPs that may not fit the above.

Submission Template


A simple description of the proposal and its desired end result; should be no more than a few succinct sentences.


Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the DAO. The author is encouraged to add visual elements such as charts to support their arguments.

Acceptance Criteria

Present a set of predefined requirements that must be satisfied in order for the RFP to be deemed as complete and eligible for a grant/bounty amount from Treasure.

Other Details

Provide other details that may be pertinent for review, including if you would like to:

  • provide a spec with timelines;

  • tackle this RFP with a pre-existing team or require assistance from the community; and

  • share more details around the desired grant/bounty amount and structure.

Review Process

Beyond receiving ongoing input from the community which is required during the initial submission process (minimum of five posts and twenty upvotes), each RFP will be reviewed by members of the Community Grants Council to approve, provide feedback, and/or reject community submissions.

Community Grants Council

  1. Square Jordan

  2. 0X_HODL

  3. Karel

  4. X

Assessment Framework

The following questions are graded on a scale of 1-4 (Strong No / No / Yes / Strong Yes) with an accompanying qualitative response:

  • Is the RFP unique and is there a need or urgency for it?

  • Is the submitter/team proposing to work on the RFP? If so, do we believe in their abilities and/or qualifications?

  • Is the submitted deadline realistic or does it need to be revised?

  • Is the proposed grant amount realistic?

Grant & Bounty Methodology

For the first year of the community grants program, Treasure has committed 750k MAGIC to fund the completion of bounties or initiatives conceived built by or in partnership with the community and the Treasure council.

Grant Methodology

The grants may be issued in three different ways, depending on the complexity and structure of the project:

  1. 100% upon completion;

  2. Mix of upfront and upon completion; or

  3. Milestone-based (mutually agreed upon).

Bounty Amounts

The bounty amount is largely dependent on the complexity of the RFP with its accompanying time, effort, and capital requirements.

For instance, the highest grant amount paid out to-date was for the development of a Bridgeworld Econometrics Dashboard was 7.5k MAGIC. As another example, we provided grant of 500 MAGIC to two lore writers for a Discord community-driven “create your own adventure” event.

MAGIC amounts previously approved will be pegged to the USD price at the time of the approval.


  • The TreasureDAO Community Grants Program is an experimental program that could change at any time.

  • The TreasureDAO Council has the right to revoke the approval of RFPs based on material strategic priority shifts and changes within the ecosystem and the Community Grants Program, material changes to RFPs, violations of the Code of Conduct, and any other forms of abuse that may negatively affect the TreasureDAO ecosystem.

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