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What is Treasure Connect?

Treasure Connect is a way for players to connect with Treasure ecosystem games and applications by email address and interact with games on-chain gaslessly without needing to connect their wallets in-game.

For an example of Treasure Connect working live, please see the Bridgeworld x Zeeverse "Emberwing" integration below. Players interact and stake various NFTs and ERC-20s by talking to Emberwing, a giant firebird Harvester who produces MAGIC emissions.

How do I stake to Emberwing?

Connect with Treasure at https://bridgweworld.treasure.lol/harvesters/zeeverse and load up your new Treasure Account with Ancient Permits, MAGIC, Zee and other assets to have them ready in-game by clicking "Manage Balances".

Then, download Zeeverse on the following platforms to start staking:

Can I stake to Emberwing on Bridgeworld?

This functionality will be rolled out at a later time.

An error occurred, how can I get help?

Please create a support ticket in the Treasure Discord with the following information:

  • The email address you used to connect

  • Your personal wallet address you used for asset transfers

  • Where the error occurred - on Bridgeworld, in the Treasure Connect flow, on Zeeverse, etc.

  • A screenshot or video of the error, if possible

  • If the error occurred on web, any errors or relevant information shown in the JavaScript console

Who has access to my Treasure Account?

The Treasure Account is a non-custodial smart wallet that is controlled by the embedded wallet generated to your email address. When playing Treasure ecosystem games, you temporarily grant access to Treasure and its partner games to take actions against specific sets of contracts to enable gasless gameplay. When your session expires, neither Treasure nor game partners have access to the assets within this account.

Advanced Users: Exporting Keys

If you'd like to gain further control of your embedded wallet address and import it to a Web3 wallet app of your choice, you can export the private keys here: https://embedded-wallet.thirdweb.com/sdk/2022-08-12/embedded-wallet/export?clientId=3098f205cbb932cb31d8cf63fb482a0e. Nobody from Treasure will ever ask you for your auth tokens or private keys - DO NOT share these with anyone.

Learn more

Harvester docs: https://docs.bridgeworld.treasure.lol/gameplay/harvesters

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