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✨MAGIC on Sepolia Testnet


  • Ensure you have Sepolia Testnet (L1) added to your favorite wallet.

  • You must have enough sepoliaETH in your wallet to cover the cost of gas and minting (at least 0.0005 SepoliaETH on Sepolia Testnet (L1)).

  • The user must have a wallet that works with Ethereum that's connected to their browser.

Step by Step Guide

  • Click this to find our native token on Sepolia Testnet

  • Click the Contract section

  • Click on the Write as Proxy section

  • Connect your wallet by clicking on connect to Web3 button

  • Click the mintDailyAllocation (section #10) in the list

  • Click the write button

    • Make sure you have enough currency to cover the gas

  • Approve transfer in the wallet and pay any gas fees


Ensure your wallet has sufficient sepoliaETH to cover gas fees and minting costs. Use a browser-connected Ethereum-compatible wallet.

Minting Process:

  1. Access the Token:

    • Use this link to locate Treasure's native token on the Sepolia Testnet.

  2. Interact with Contract:

    • Navigate to the 'Contract' section on the page.

  1. Prepare to Write:

  • Go to the 'Write as proxy' area.

  1. Connect Your Wallet:

  • Click on the 'Connect to Web3' button to link your wallet.

  1. Initiate Minting:

  • Find and select 'mintDailyAllocation' (item #10 in the list).

  1. Execute the Mint:

  • Press the 'Write' button to start the minting process.

  1. Cover Gas Fees:

  • Ensure you have a sufficient balance for the transaction.

  • Confirm and approve the transaction in your wallet.

After these steps, the minting process will commence. Once the transaction is approved and the gas fee is paid, your minted tokens will be reflected in your wallet. Remember to check your wallet balance to confirm the minting was successful.

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