Marketplace (General)

Does Treasure support cross-chain NFTs?

No, not yet. Treasure currently only supports NFTs that exist only on Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Ethereum Mainnet.

Does Treasure support multiple chains?

Yes. Treasure currently supports Arbitrum One, Arbitrum Nova, and Ethereum Mainnet. The platform has been architected with the long view in mind to be extensible and potential to support additional chains in the future.

Does Treasure have an open or permissionless listing model?

No, Treasure does not currently support an open or permissionless listing model.

Does Treasure support lazy minting?

Note: Lazy minting is when an NFT is available ‘off-chain’ or outside the blockchain and is only minted after an NFT sale.

No. Lazy minting is NOT currently supported.

Does Treasure support offers / bidding?


How are royalties structured on Treasure?
  • 2.5% platform fee to TreasureDAO treasury

  • 0-20% creator fee set by the collection owner

Who were the initial launch partners on the Treasure marketplace?

Treasure's original partners who participated in our initial launch program committed to exclusively launching on the platform's alpha when it first launched in June 2022 (formerly known as Trove).

They joined a group of early partner games who were previously listed on the original marketplace.

Early Partner Games

  • Bridgeworld

  • Smolverse

  • Life

  • BattleFly

  • Knights of the Ether

  • Peek-A-Boo

  • Realm

  • Lost SamuRise

  • SmithyDAO

  • Tales of Elleria

  • The Lost Donkeys

  • Toadstoolz

Trove Launch Partners

In alphabetical order (some originally announced partners omitted after sunsetting operations):

  1. AnunnakiZ

  2. Axolittles

  3. Birds n’ Blades

  4. Bobots

  5. CastleDAO

  6. City Clash

  7. Cryptids

  8. Elefrens

  9. Flip Project

  10. Lambocorp

  11. Litter Kittens

  12. Smol Age

  13. Smol Sharks

  14. Smolegends

  15. Smolizards

  16. Smulips

  17. Trove Street Punks

Marketplace (Projects & Game Developers)

Can I set or update my collection’s royalties manually?

No. If you need to set or update your collection’s royalties, please contact Treasure.

Are collections with free or paid mints eligible to be listed on Treasure?

Yes, collections with free or paid mint models will be eligible for listing.

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