Improvement Proposals

TIPs are proposals submitted by the community and the DAO Council proposing changes and improvements to different elements of Treasure. These proposals may touch on things like the use of funds, liquidity pool, tokenomics framework, development focus, and more.

  • Start a discussion on the DAO Discord or General Forum prior to posting a proposal.
  • Be ready to engage with the community, e.g., by answering their replies and addressing their concerns.
  • Include a TIP (Treasure Improvement Proposal) number in the post title.
  • Add a poll option in your proposal.

  • The proposal must be live for at least one day.
  • The proposal must receive at least five posts from different members to ensure sufficient engagement.
  • Quorum must be reached from an informal poll (>66% vote "for").
  • At least one DAO Council member must be made aware of the proposal.
  • The author should indicate clearly when the Snapshot vote will commence (see the Template section below).
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