Content Creators

Treasure Create is Treasure's content creator program helping cultivate a community of leading video content creators across the Treasure ecosystem!

About the Program

Treasure Create is an exclusive creator program that brings together top creators to champion Treasure games, grow their platform, and take part in unique opportunities across the ecosystem.

As an official Treasure Creator, content creators can tap into Treasureโ€™s large community of 150k+ players and games for increased exposure and receive monetary perks like MAGIC, as well as allowlists, in-game items, and early access to playtests.

Goals of the program:

  1. Formally recognize talented and passionate video content creators in the Treasure community.

  2. Build closer relationships between our Treasure games and active content creators.

  3. Facilitate a collaborative community between Treasure Create members and provide unique opportunities to participate across the ecosystem.

The Perks for Creators

In the early stages of this program, the following perks will be available to those accepted and actively contributing content for our Treasure games:

  • Receive MAGIC compensation

  • Receive select in-game items and perks

  • Early access to beta playtests

  • Promotion from official Treasure channels

  • Exclusive Treasure Create badge (on-chain, soulbound digital collectible)

  • Access to a private creator channel in Treasure Partners Discord to connect with other creators

And more!

Application Process

Fill out the form below to apply to Treasure Create. Applications will be considered holistically based on a number of factors including but not limited to quality of video content, engagement and follower size, and experience playing Treasure games. Please Note: The team will be reviewing applications on a rolling and as-needed basis. Do not expect to hear back immediately. We will be in touch if and when we believe you might be a good fit for the program!

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