How do I buy $MAGIC?

đŸŽĨ For a video walkthrough, please see this link.

First, make sure you're on Arbitrum (not L1 / Ethereum Mainnet) because this is where all of the magic happens (no pun intended) and where the Treasure ecosystem is currently being built out.

Please note: $MAGIC is also available on L1 via Uniswap so please be mindful of the network you're buying $MAGIC on. Any $MAGIC you own can be bridged over onto Arbitrum.

1. Move ETH over onto Arbitrum.

If you already have some ETH on L1 / Ethereum Mainnet, please see the Steps to Migrate to Arbitrum guide (which uses MetaMask as an example).

You can also buy ETH on Arbitrum directly on exchanges like Binance and

2. Purchase $MAGIC using SushiSwap.

i. Navigate to SushiSwap and ensure you are on Arbitrum (not L1 / Ethereum Mainnet).

If you are on another network and not Arbitrum, follow these screenshot instructions to switch between networks.

ii. Purchase $MAGIC

Now that you're on the Arbitrum network (you can confirm this with the "Arbitrum" button at the top-middle of the screen), you're ready to buy some $MAGIC.

Note: These steps are also applicable if you have a hardware wallet like a Ledger or a Trezor.

From here, you are all set to begin purchasing NFTs on the Treasure Marketplace or staking your $MAGIC in the Genesis Mine.

How do I check the price of $MAGIC?

There are a few options to check the price of $MAGIC:

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