Treasure Chain Cover

Treasure Chain is an Ethereum Layer-2 rollup using Arbitrum Orbit technology and EigenDA. The chain forms the base layer underpinning our end-to-end ecosystem of decentralized gaming infrastructure.

Between cutting-edge features like a fully interoperable account system, ecosystem-wide marketplace and orderbook, and a network of app-specific rollups as Infinity Chains, players will be able to glide effortlessly across the network. For game builders, the Treasure Chain is full of connected infrastructure and protocols that accelerate the path to bringing better, novel game experiences on-chain without compromise.

Over time, Treasure will introduce game-specific Infinity Chain L3s built using Arbitrum Orbit and leverage EigenLayer to provide security through MAGIC-ETH staking to this growing network of chains as well as other Actively Validated Services (AVS).

Litepaper Cover

For more about the vision, get a primer via our litepaper.


Treasure Chain’s first version of testnet (“Treasure Ruby”) and the Treasure Portal first launched on April 24, 2024.

Mainnet for the Treasure Chain is targeted to launch in Q3 of 2024.

Ruby Testnet

With the Treasure Chain in testnet, here are some of activities you can perform to explore the Treasure Chain:

  1. Portal Quests: Users can discover the Treasure Chain through a series of portal quests and earn Shards along the way.

  2. Rapid Prototyping and Testing: Quickly test and iterate on game designs, smart contracts, in-game economies, cross-chain interoperability, and NFT minting and integrations without risking real funds. All while using testnet MAGIC, the Treasure Chain’s native fee token.

  3. SDK and API Integration: Explore how Treasure Chain’s SDKs and APIs can be incorporated into games and dApps.