MAGIC is the native token of the Treasure ecosystem and its connected metaverse of games.

MAGIC initially began as a currency intended to connect Treasure’s own games and has since expanded to also function as the core utility token across our cross-chain decentralized gaming ecosystem.

MAGIC’s current role is:

  • Unit of account on Treasure’s native marketplace and base pair within our AMM
  • The native staking token for the data availability layer across Treasure’s Infinity Chains network
  • The governance token for the network of chains, voting on core emissions policy and protocol upgrades

Players earn MAGIC by playing games, mining with Bridgeworld, and participating across the Treasure ecosystem in cross-game events like Harvesters.


MAGIC emissions are distributed at the following ratios: MAGIC Allocation

MAGIC’s emission curve mimics Bitcoin’s halvening, but this event occurs every year as opposed to every four years. The total supply will be 347,714,007 tokens. MAGIC Allocation

The initial design of the MAGIC “Genesis Mine” created uniquely high rewards for users who were willing to lock up their MAGIC for longer periods. These users played a crucial role in bootstrapping liquidity for the ecosystem and demonstrated great confidence in our collective future.