Treasure’s GBP offers game developers and studios with benefits ranging from hands-on publishing services, access to Treasure’s community of players, builders, and creators, network access, potential to tap into strategic funding, and technology and development support.

Why build with Treasure?

Treasure is the #1 gaming destination on Arbitrum with >$275M processed volume, 15+ games and >370k MAGIC holders. We’ve created a vibrant and intimate community of game developers, creators, and players all united around a common purpose – connect through shared experiences and fun!

Building with Treasure launches games into a powerful flywheel of deeply connected communities and builders, strengthened through interoperability.

But don’t just trust our word, here’s what our game partners are saying about Treasure…

The Beacon

“Treasure has been the perfect place to build upon for us. Not only do they provide crucial and top tier infrastructure to build your game on top of, they also have the most active and enthusiastic community that shares the overall vision and ethos. The team is also incredibly supportive and proactive in terms of marketing, product design and overall community fostering.”

From Diego, Co-Founder and CEO of The Beacon

Knights of the Ether

“Reliable, transparent and consummate builders, Treasure is everything a founder could want in a partner to help bring their game to the masses.”

From Flook, Co-Founder of Knights of the Ether

Tales of Elleria

Building with Treasure has been a fantastic experience. The sincerity behind their support, as well as opportunities provided is unparalleled throughout web3. From social outreach to marketplace integration, Treasure has been swift and helpful in all aspects.”

From Smashe, Co-Founder of Tales of Elleria

Treasure Flywheel

Treasure GBP Flywheel

The Treasure Flywheel benefits game builders in three key ways:

1. Vibrant and Intimate Ecosystem

  • Community - Bootstrap adoption by tapping into the most vibrant and engaged web3 gaming community with a rich diversity of experiences.
  • Builders / Games - Build in an intimate and tight-knit ecosystem of highly aligned and collaborative game developers who work towards common goals.

2. Immersive Gaming Experiences

  • Proof of Play - Form deeper connections with your community through meta-progression and powerful inter and intra game player funnels.
  • Platform - Leverage the premier gaming destination and marketplace on Arbitrum packed with game rich features and world-class developer support.
  • Magicswap - Tap into powerful cross-game trading with instant liquidity, seamless interoperability and novel barter models to de-emphasise speculation.
  • Cross-Game Resources and Interoperability - Enhance player retention and engagement by extending assets and IP across an ecosystem of games.

3. Enablers and Accelerants

  • Game Builders Program - Elevate your game through expert advisory, support and thoughtful incentives that drive network effects.
  • Distribution and Amplification - Supercharge your go-to-market through extensive reach, authentic content and deep audience understanding.
  • Infrastructure - Build faster with Treasure’s toolkit and infrastructure for game builders, including open source code, dev documentation, and more.

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