Consult with the Treasure team to developer a data dictionary / taxonomy prior to telemetry instrumentation

Our analytics tracking system allows you to track custom client-side events and properties to better understand your users’ behavior. Integration is simple and requires only a few lines of code.

Public members

public void TrackCustomEvent(string eventName, Dictionary<string, object> eventProps = null, bool highPriority = false);


See Assets/Treasure/Example/Scripts for usage examples
using Treasure;

var evtParams = new Dictionary<string, object> {
    {"event_parameter_name", true}

// Tracking analytics events - NORMAL PRIORITY
TDK.Analytics.TrackCustomEvent("my_normal_event", evtParams);

// Tracking analytics events - HIGH PRIORITY
var highPriority = true;
TDK.Analytics.TrackCustomEvent("my_important_event", evtParams, highPriority);
Please use snake_case for event and parameter names

On native platforms: Events will be cached and sent to our ingestion pipeline. On internet connectivity or delivery failures, events will be persisted to disk and transmission retried numerious times before is finally discarding after a resonable amount of retries.