Unity dependency

  • TMP Essentials

Platform-specific requirements

Quick Start

Reference the sample scene and scripts located in Assets/Treasure/Example/ for full usage and integration examples


Download & install .unitypackage

Download the latest TDK from the github releases page and import it into your Unity project.


Set Scripting Defines

Open your Player Settings and add the following Scripting Defines for all supported platforms: - TDK_HELIKA - TDK_THIRDWEB - TREASURE_ANALYTICS scripting_defines


Run TDK Configuration

Obtain your JSON config key form the Treasure team (required for this step)

Once you have your config key ready, launch the config editor by navigating to Treasure -> TDK -> Config from the Unity Editor menu: config_menu Paste the provided config key and hit the Configure TDK button: configure


Add Treasure Connect Prefabs

At this point, we can go ahead and add the required Prefabs. Add the following prefabs to your scene: 1. Assets/Treasure/TDK/ConnectPrefabs/TDKConnectCanvasLandscape.prefab for landscape orientation or Assets/Treasure/TDK/ConnectPrefabs/TDKConnectCanvasPortrait.prefab for portrait.


Configure Connect Options

To configure login options, select Assets/Treasure/TDK/Resources/TDKConnectSettings.asset and enable the desired active login options: scripting_defines

Build Instructions

Please review Thirdweb’s Build Instructions docs for additional information.

Code Stripping

A link.xml file is provided in the TDK package to prevent code stripping of required TDK classes. Ensure this file is included in your project. On Android, we recommend using the Android Resolver to manage external dependencies.


TDK ships with Thirdweb’s WebGL Template; ensure this template is selected in your WebGL build settings: webgk-template