Metadata Structure

As you build and design your collections, please ensure that you abide by:

Your collection’s contract must return a valid URI for the tokenURI() (ERC721) or uri() (ERC1155) calls. Examples of valid token URIs include:

  • A URL to an IPFS file (e.g., ‘ipfs://Qm…‘)
  • A URL to an Arweave file (e.g., ‘ar://…‘)
  • An ‘http://’ or ‘https://’ URL.
  • A base64 encoded JSON object (e.g., ‘data:application/json;base64…‘)
  • A UTF-8 encoded JSON object (e.g., ‘data:application/json;utf8,…‘)

Example of JSON metadata AFTER its token URI is downloaded/decoded:

  "description": "The Smol Brains are a dynamic PFP of a monkey whose head gets bigger the larger its IQ becomes.",
  "external_url": "<>",
  "image": "ipfs://QmY71ban6QoWg9nbNwikk6wVWknj8NFBG8nMGHEuzwfAwf/3",
  "name": "Smol Brains #3",
  "attributes": [ ... ],

How each of these properties work:

imageThis is the URL to the image of the item. Can be just about any type of image (including SVGs, which require explicit approval from the Trove team), and can be IPFS URLs or paths. Common image sizes are 350x350, 500x500 (please avoid images larger than 1500 pixels in any dimension).
external_urlThis is the URL that will appear below the asset’s image on Trove and will allow users to leave Trove and view the item on your site (if applicable).
descriptionA human readable description of the item. Markdown is supported.
nameName of the item.
attributesThese are the attributes for the item, which will show up on the Trove page for the item. (see below)
animation_urlA URL to a multi-media attachment for the item. Supported media formats are indicated below. )

Supported Media Formats

  • Static images (.png, .jpg, .gif, .svg, .webp)
  • Animated images (.gif, .webp)
  • Videos (.mp4)


For launch, Treasure will only support basic attributes displayed as a grid. Number ranges and more dynamic or visual representations of attributes will be implemented at a future date.

Attribute Guidelines

You should include string attributes as strings (with quotes), and numeric properties as either floats or integers so that Treasure can display them appropriately. String properties should be human-readable strings.

Attributes should take this form:

  "attributes": [
      "trait_type": "Background",
      "value": "Mint"
      "trait_type": "Mushroom",
      "value": "Blue"
      "trait_type": "Skin",
      "value": "OG Green"
      "trait_type": "Clothes",
      "value": "Hoodie - Grey"
      "trait_type": "Mouth",
      "value": "Laugh - Teeth"
      "trait_type": "Level",
      "value": 3

NOTE: any strings used in trait_type and value should exclude the characters #, :, and , (hash, colon, and comma). If they are present, they will be normalized to _.

Image Versioning

Treasure does NOT currently support different image versions for NFTs.

IPFS and Arweave URIs

Treasure supports the storage of NFT metadata in decentralized file networks.