Stumbling upon this guide for the first time? Visit the Treasure Portal and complete this quest for rewards!


  • Ensure you have Sepolia testnet (L1) added to your favorite wallet.
  • You must have enough SepoliaETH in your wallet to cover gas fees and minting costs (at least 0.0005 SepoliaETH on Sepolia testnet (L1)).
  • You must have a wallet that is EVM compatible connected to your browser.

Step-by-Step Guide


Interact with Contract

  • Navigate to the Contract section on the page Connect

Prepare to Write

  • Go to the Write as proxy tab

Connect Your Wallet

  • Click the Connect to Web3 button to connect your wallet.

Initiate Mint

  • Find and select 10. mintDailyAllocation.

Execute Mint

  • First, ensure you have a sufficient balance for the transaction to pay for gas.
  • Press the Write button to start the minting process.
  • Confirm and approve the transaction in your wallet. Connect Wallet

Congratulations! You’ve successfully obtained MAGIC on Sepolia! Remember to check your wallet balance to confirm.


Connect Wallet on Portal

  • In the top right, click on the Connect Wallet button to connect your wallet. Connect Wallet
  • You may be asked to Verify your account and sign a message. To finish connecting, click the Sign message button and confirm this in your wallet.

Initiate MAGIC bridging to the Treasure Ruby testnet from Sepolia

  • Select the amount of MAGIC you would like to bridge
  • You may be asked to increase your spending allowance which will allow the bridge to move up to the amount of MAGIC you designate.
  • In your wallet, review and confirm the spending allowance increase. Connect Wallet

Bridge MAGIC to Treasury Ruby

  • Review the summary of details to confirm the gas costs, the resulting MAGIC you will receive on Treasure Ruby, and the estimated time it will take to bridge over.
  • When you are happy with the specifications, press the Deposit button.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully bridged over the MAGIC you minted on Sepolia testnet over to the Treasury Ruby testnet.