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Before minting an NFT, ensure you have enough MAGIC in your wallet to cover gas fees. If not, obtain more from the Faucet.

Step-by-Step Guide


Navigate to the NFT Contract in the Block Explorer

Go here to access the NFT mint contract in Treasurescan (the Treasure block explorer).


Connect Wallet

  • Click the Connect Wallet button on the page. - Choose your wallet from the compatible options and log in. Connect

Mint NFT

  • Scroll to the section labeled 5. mint - Click to expand the menu and select the Write button to initiate the minting process.

Switch Network (if necessary)

  • If prompted, switch networks to the one required for the NFT minting process. Your wallet may automatically prompt you to switch, or you may need to do this manually within the wallet settings.

Approve Transactions

  • Confirm and approve all contract interactions and payment requirements that pop up in your wallet to mint the NFT.

Writing and Accepting Contract

Connect Wallet


Verify Your NFT

  • Once the minting process is complete, return to Treasure’s main site. - Check the Account page to see your new NFT. - Alternatively, you can view your recent transactions and NFT acquisition in the block explorer by clicking Transactions in the navigation menu. Connect

Congratulations! You’ve successfully minted the Commemorative Ruby Testnet NFT!