The Forge

What is the Forge?

Treasures contain magical properties that Legions can extract and use to craft valuable consumables, growing more experienced as they continue to hone their trade. The Forge is where Legions can utilize treasure fragments, Prysm shards and Treasures to craft powerful consumables.

What types of crafts can Legions perform?

Legions have the option to conduct a Major Craft and/or a Mini Craft. Major Crafts take multiple Treasures (e.g. beetle-wing, diamond, carriage) to create a consumable known as a Prism. Prisms are used to reduce the summoning duration of legions in the Summoning Circle. Mini Crafts take treasure fragments and Prism shards to craft a Treasure.

How many Crafting Points are required per level?

In Season 1, Legions will have a maximum of 5 Crafting Levels. Increasing Legions’ CP enables them to craft more difficult Major craft recipes. Crafting experience and, in turn, levels are automatically awarded for each successful craft completion (see below).
Note - Mini Crafts do not currently earn legions crafting XP.

Do I need to pay MAGIC to craft a recipe?

Major crafts cost 5 MAGIC. Mini crafts do not cost MAGIC.

Is there an auto-craft feature?

There is no auto-craft feature.

How many Recipes are there?

Initially, in Season 1, Major crafts can produce three types of productive consumables (see below).
Mini crafts can produce any treasure (except for Honeycomb and Grin).

What are the ingredients needed for each Recipe?

In Major crafts, various recipes will require a number of different Treasures as ingredients (see below).
Mini crafts require specific treasure fragment tiers and affinities to craft a treasure of that specific tier/affinity. There are 3 categories of treasure affinities: 1. Alchemy/Arcana 2. Enchanting/Brewing 3. Leatherworking/Smithing
Each affinity category has five tiers of treasures within it (see Treasure Affinities). It currently costs 12 Treasure Fragments of a specific tier and 2 Prism Shards to craft one treasure. For example, in order to craft 1 gold coin, a Legion would need to provide 12 Tier-5 Leatherworking/Smithing Fragments and 2 Prism Shards.

Treasure Affinities

What are the crafting times and success rates?

Major Crafts
Mini Crafts
Mini Crafts are instant with a 100% success rate

Do Treasures have unlimited uses?

When Major crafting, Treasures have a chance of breaking. Broken Treasures are sent to the World Treasury, where they will be recycled and re-distributed as reward for Quests.
With the exception of Grin and Honeycomb, Treasures’ likelihood of breaking are based on their Tier. Treasures break during the process required to extract and apply the Magic at their core to Legions' craft. Legions who break a Grin or Honeycomb report feeling a tremor that shakes the very foundation of Bridgeworld, an Essence of Grin or Honeycomb in the debris.

How do Major crafts success rates interact with Treasures’ break chance?

When your craft is successful, 100% of the MAGIC cost is consumed. Additionally, all the Treasures used in the recipe have a chance of breaking. For example: For a prism recipe
  • The ingredients required are 1 x T3, 2x T4 and 4 x T5 Treasures
  • They have a 6.90%, 11.30% and 15.30% to break, respectively.
  • The RNG is run against each of the Treasure. If the RNG hits the corresponding threshold probability, your Treasure breaks and is burned. This is repeated for each of the Treasures.