Starlight Temple
Using Essence of Starlight, a form of liquid Magic, Legions tattoo one of Bridgeworld's constellations onto their skin using ancient technology located at the Starlight Temple, mixing the Essence with their innate Magic in the process.
The process to upgrade constellations are as follows: Quest to find Essence of Starlight (EOS) Take EOS to the Starlight Temple Select one of the 6 elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Dark) Upgrade is immediate, but all of the Essence Of Starlight will be burned in the process (see table below)
Completing a Rank 7 constellation will enable you to stake MAGIC on your legion. Put simply, the constellation is the compass that guides Legion to new territories. Similarly, MAGIC represents the aura that shields Legions from the toxicity of uncharted territories.
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