Treasure Platform

Play, collect, trade, compete, and discover your new favorite games on the Treasure platform.
The Treasure platform is your destination for gaming on Treasure. As an asset marketplace, a hub for game discovery and distribution, center for tournaments and events, and much more, Treasure brings together everything that players and game developers could possibly want under a single roof.
👉 Visit the platform:​

For Players

  • Play and discover your new favorite games on Treasure
  • Collect and trade your game assets and digital collectibles through our marketplace by using MAGIC and ETH
  • Earn badges by playing games, collecting assets, and competing in tournaments and events
  • Obtain your TreasureTags build your player identity within the Treasure ecosystem
  • Showcase your achievements, prized assets, and loved games on your profile

For Games

  • Leverage Treasure as an engine for your game's distribution and discovery with dedicated game and collection pages
  • List your game's assets and NFT collections on the platform's built-in marketplace for trading
  • Engage players through jointly held events and tournaments
  • Tap into Treasure's game developer tooling and infrastructure across its marketplace, AMM, "Proof of Play" features (achievements, quests), and more to come

For Creators

  • Join the Treasure Create program for Content Creators and earn an exclusive badge collectible
  • Potential for exclusive streaming and video features on the Treasure platform
Fun fact! The Treasure platform was previously known as Trove and the Treasure Marketplace.