Gold Integration

Games in the Gold tier will have access to Treasure’s exceptional support and suite of products, including an exclusive discord for ecosystem builders and creators to collaborate. The Arbitrum team will also assist in technical areas and marketing.
Games can also earn rewards for being top performers against Treasure ecosystem priorities. The framework has been designed to encourage, align and reward actions that strategically improve the ecosystem and its participants.

Ecosystem Priorities | Q1 (indicative)

Interoperability and Innovation
1. Vote on the most meaningful execution of interoperability and innovation in the Treasure ecosystem for that period.
Submissions can be made by any member of the community. Shortlisting will be conducted by the Game Builders Council. Final voting will be conducted by gMAGIC holders on a 1 vote per person basis. The voting process will be evolved over time as we improve governance (see ‘How it Works’ section for details).
Shortlist categories:
  • Creation of meaningful interoperable infrastructure, contracts or modules to be used by others
  • Creation of meaningful interoperable cross-game formats, loops (including sinks) or go to market approaches
  • Innovative game mechanics, concepts, loops or experiences
  • Innovative use of tokens, NFTs and/or protocols to drive positive player and game outcomes
  • Innovative game infrastructure, contracts or products
Where ‘innovative’ means a new / novel idea not used / executed by Treasure or any other NFT/gaming ecosystem (eg. does the concept enable / introduce a new type of player experience or behaviour)
Interoperability and innovation is a core thesis underpinning Treasure and web3 gaming. Incentivising its use - in fit for purpose ways - is a key priority
Player Engagement
(On hold, indicative only)
2. Quarterly growth in unique net players
Quarter-on-quarter growth (%) in unique net players (existing + acquisitions - churn). A threshold for the minimum number of players will be applied.
Note: Player driven metrics (eg. new acquisitions, retention etc) will only be used once a reliable source of data for unique users can be agreed upon (eg. to omit users with multiple wallets). Treasure is exploring various options.
Growth in active players is a baseline metric for measuring the health of a game. This may need some nuance across genres
Treasure must continually grow new qualified users for the network to prosper
3. USD value of total transactions processed in the Treasure platform.
The intention is to expand this to in-game transactions once a reliable method of collecting data is aligned on.
Reflects level of economic activity within a game

How it works (indicative)

  • Priorities and rewards are set for the ecosystem each quarter (subject to change)
    • Periods run from the start of the first month to the end of third month (eg. 1 Jan to 31 Mar)
    • Rewards are agreed in MAGIC / NFTs
  • Submission and voting process (where applicable)
    • Submissions are due within one week after the quarter finishes
    • Any member of the community may submit an application
    • Shortlisting will be conducted by the Games Builder Council and completed by the following week
    • Voting on the shortlist will be open for 7 days
      • Only gMAGIC holders can vote
      • One vote per person
      • To prevent gaming of the system, users must register their address holding gMAGIC, Discord and Twitter IDs to be eligible (indicative, TBC)
    • Three winners will be announced in the 4th week of the following month
      • 1st Place: 6x bonus prize
      • 2nd Place: 3x bonus prize
      • 3rd Place: MAGIC prize
  • Measurable metrics (where applicable)
    • Results locked down by the end of each quarter
    • Reconciliations will take between 1 - 2 weeks (indicative only, this may take longer contingent reliability and quality of the data)
    • Winners announced by the end of the month.

High Level Timelines - indicative (after quarter finishes)

Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Submission and vote
Submissions due (end of week)
Shortlisting (7 days)
Voting (7 days)
Measurable Metrics
Results locked down (end of prior week)
Reconciliation (Indicative only. Contingent on data availability and quality*
*same as week 2


Initially, up to 100k MAGIC will be available for rewards over 12 months. Rewards for each Measure / Metric will be allocated to the top 3 performers based on a 60 / 30 / 10 split. Subject to change based on participation and outcomes achieved.