Application Process The below outlines the process for deeper integration within the Treasure ecosystem. The timeline is indicatively estimated at 2-4 weeks, contingent on the volume of submissions.

1. Application

The application form is completed with a one-pager or short presentation attached with responses to the following:

  1. Team and experience - eg. current roster, experience and expertise
  2. Game overview - type, genre, platforms, and stage of maturity
  3. Game concept - What gameplay experiences are you creating for your audience? What is the end game?
  4. Alignment - How can the project add to the broader Treasure ecosystem, and how can the ecosystem help your project?
  5. Prototype - Include a prototype, demo or animatric demonstrating gameplay and stage of development

2. Shortlisting

High potential games are shortlisted and requested to submit a short deck and give a 20 minute presentation. The presentation should include:

  1. Team and experience - eg. current roster, capabilities and growth plans; examples or prior projects
  2. Game overview and concept - eg. type, genre, platform, target audience, what gameplay experience are you creating for your audience
  3. Game economy and tokenomics - eg. core game loops, supply / demand via sinks and faucets; and thinking through how MAGIC, Treasures or Treasure ecosystem games could potentially be connected and integrated.
  4. Go-to Market - How do you intend to reach and engage target audiences through thoughtful game design and novel user acquisition strategies?
  5. Alignment - How can the project add to the broader Treasure ecosystem, and how can the ecosystem help your project?
  6. Funding - Funding strategy and runway

3. Detailed Review

A detailed review is performed against Assessment Criteria (below) with potential follow-up discussions.

4. Decision Made

Successful projects are informed with agreed upon terms (eg. commitments, milestones, partnership duration, etc).

5. Launch & Implementation

Implementation and GTM plans to be developed jointly together between the core Treasure team and the respective game partner.

Assessment Criteria

Applications will be assessed against the following criteria:

CriteriaKey Success Factors
Long-term alignment with Treasure
  • Long-term vision and plan
  • Strong alignment of values
  • Belief in and exploration of fun, interoperable gaming experiences
  • Building games in a fun and social community driven environment
Capable Team
  • Key team members in-house
  • Game developers in-house, game studio or retainer
  • Pre-existing experience with other projects
  • Right mindset (open, collaborative, builders, long-term)
Clear audience, game design, and road map
  • Clearly articulated game concept/vision and intended gaming experience for target audiences
  • Defined game systems, narratives, game loops, and player progressions through the game
  • Prototypes, demos, and animatrics demonstrating gameplay helps convey game concept and stage of game development
  • Thoughtful game loops that encourage replayability and ongoing engagement from players
  • Onboarding strategies for attracting web2 and web3 players
Balanced game economy and thoughtful game system design
  • Supply and demand relationships balanced (eg. sinks and faucets in place)
  • Sustainable token / business model (ie. not a ponzi, with path to self-sufficiency)
Thoughtful applications of composable gaming
  • Ideas on points of integration for Treasure and ecosystem NFTs (eg. can interoperability of any kinds)
  • Considerations of how MAGIC can be used in game (note: this if not mandatory)
Adds clear value to the Treasure ecosystem
  • Clearly articulated value to the Treasure ecosystem


  • Commitment to for your game to have its homebase within the Treasure ecosystem (ie. Arbitrum One today)
  • Use the Treasure platform as the primary web3 distribution platform and explore the use of player engagement tools (quests, leaderboards, tournaments)
  • Use the Treasure marketplace as the preferred and recommended marketplace for your game’s NFTs denominated in MAGIC
  • Use the Magicswap AMM as the primary DEX for your native tokens with $MAGIC as the base liquidity pair
  • Use of Treasure’s game development infrastructure and tooling (Identity, Login, Payments, etc.)
  • Potential commitment to align economic interests
  • Commitment to explore meaningful ecosystem integrations with Treasure’s ecosystem-wide systems (Bridgeworld, Harvesters) and/or other games

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