Magic Mining
Bridgeworld is a primary source of MAGIC mining emissions outlined in Treasure’s tokenomics. The original MAGIC distribution was a fair launch in September 2021, running for 30 days.
Users could stake their fractionalised Treasure, Loot, N and ALGD for a static daily rate. MAGIC emitted from this event earmarked one third of total supply (115,904,669) and created the anchor for the total supply of MAGIC at 347,714,007.
Mining emissions comprise 25% of total supply (86,928,502) and follow a ‘halvening’ schedule under an augmented ‘proof-of-work’ model taking over 10 years to emit.
The ‘work’ undertaken by the user / player represents the time and effort required to mine MAGIC together with the cost of inputs. Over time, MAGIC becomes increasingly scarce, so on a relative basis, ‘work increases’ to mine it.

Ongoing Magic Emission Schedule

The first mine on Arbitrum was the Genesis Mine, running for 90 days, emitting 20m tokens. The natural successor to the Genesis Mine is the ‘Atlas Mine’, unearthed through Bridgeworld’s Origins. Alongside the Atlas Mine will be the introduction of the ancient Harvesters (detailed below). Together, these power sources will fight for the ‘fuel’ of the metaverse that is MAGIC. The first three years will see the following total mining emissions:
Mining emissions can be supplemented by MAGIC from staking rewards, the Ecofund and MAGIC accumulated by the Treasury (eg. MAGIC received from cost of actions and as royalties) if approved by the DAO.

Distribution of Mining Emissions

Activating Mining Emissions

MAGIC must be staked (veMAGIC) within the Atlas Mine, Harvesters and partner ecosystem power sources to activate emissions and mining proficiency. The following table outlines the level of circulating MAGIC required to be staked to unlock each level of mining output:
You will NOT be able to move Locked Magic between the Atlas Mine and Harvesters. Harvesters are releasing in February.