Treasure Marketplace

Where can I find the marketplace?

The Treasure Marketplace is available on Arbitrum network at

What collections are on the marketplace?

The Treasure Marketplace features Treasure NFTs, Legions, Life, and Smol Brains for the time being. Smol Bodies and other partnership projects will be launched shortly after.

What tokens can I use on the marketplace?

To buy NFTs on the Treasure marketplace, you need $MAGIC in your wallet. There's a direct integration with SushiSwap within the marketplace itself to allow you to swap ETH for $MAGIC.

How high are the fees/royalties?

For Treasures and Legions, the royalty fees are 5% if an item is sold. A minimum of 2.5% is redistributed to the Treasure DAO, and the remainder goes to the creator.

How can I buy an item on the marketplace?

Navigate to any item available for sale and click the Purchase button. If you have insufficient $MAGIC in your wallet, you won't be able to buy the item and will need to purchase additional $MAGIC on SushiSwap.
Note: You will need ETH to conduct any transactions on the Marketplace

Can I make an offer to items listed on the marketplace?

Currently, you cannot make offers on items, and can only buy the NFTs listed on the marketplace.

How do I sell items on the marketplace?

Please see Listing on the Marketplace for a short tutorial.

Where can I see recent transactions?

You can see all recent transactions by clicking on Activity in the top right of the main navigation.

Where can I view all of my items and NFTs in my wallet?

You can view all of your items and NFTs in your wallet by clicking on Inventory in the top right of the main navigation.

I am missing my staked Treasures, where are they?

Once Treasures have been staked, they have been deposited into the staking contract and no longer available in your wallet, thus they won't be visible in your inventory.