2021 Q3 (Sep) | Complete

Fair Launch

  • Fair launch of the $MAGIC token via NFT staking
  • Fractionalisation of Treasure Bags
  • >80% of MAGIC locked in single sided staking contract to earn Legion NFTs
  • Novel approaches to incentivise LP and abstract away complexity (as an access key)
  • Introduced and educated a new wave of users to DeFi

2021 Q4 (Oct) | Complete

Migration to Arbitrum

  • Migrated ~88m MAGIC to Arbitrum via our migration contract (one of the first to actively move from ETH L1)
  • Creation of hundreds of detailed artworks and minting thousands of NFTs on Arbitrum (i.e., Treasures, Legions, Rivermen, Numeraires, Seeds of Life and special keys)
  • Announced MAGIC-OHM pair for Arbitrum

Genesis Mine on Arbitrum

  • First dual staking mine - MAGIC (ERC20) + Treasures (ERC1155)
  • 78% of circulating supply committed to our Genesis mine for between 2 weeks and 3 months (TVL of ~$33m USD)
  • Regular top 10 liquidity pair on Sushiswap with >$3m liquidity

2021 Q4 (Nov/Dec) | Complete

Governance and Marketplace

  • Launch of TreasureDAO and the first fair NFT ‘governance model’ - only veMAGIC holders and LP can vote where weight of veMAGIC adjusted based on lock (gMAGIC)
  • First all token standard NFT marketplace on Arbitrum
  • Smol Brain collection launched with 3M MAGIC volume in the first 3 days
  • Several integrations in the works - Life, Smol Bodies, Olympus Odyssey, and Ether Orcs
  • MAGIC LP rewards on Sushiswap Onsen Program
  • MAGIC-gOHM Incentives and Olympus Pro Bonds



  • Partnerships
  • Expand Treasure Metaverse
  • Bridge Partner Ecosystems
  • Bridgeworld Phase 01


  • Bridgeworld Phase 02
  • Bridgeworld MVP